Services to the Energy, Insurance and Marine World

Company Profile

West Africa Inspection Services Limited provides a broad spectrum of inspection, supervision, testing and occasional certification services in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria including, but not limited to Marine Insurance Claims, Inspections, Loss Adjustment, Surveys and Safety Inspections.

The services are primarily for the benefit of insurance and underwriting companies, their assured, other shipping interests and those generally involved with the need for proper specialist loss control measures in the logistics chain leading to the delivery of goods and services of various kinds and in various forms; bulk, reefer, equipment and machinery, containerized etc.

Reports and opinions provided by the company will usually form the basis for claims assessment and settlement. Generally work is of a due diligence kind to verify the HOW, WHEN & WHY.

Intervention is often by way of assessment of damages, verification of claims, protective tallies, monitoring of discharge, the witnessing of receptions and delivery etc.

The company holds the CESAM & A.I.M.U. appointments for Nigeria and acts on behalf of number of other insurance, inspection, company and Hull Club Interests.

The company succeeded the well known businesses in the same field, known as RELUGAS and PAULSEN & BAYES-DAVY LTD respectively in Lagos and Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Also, through a division of the company, Sheringham P&I Services, services specifically suited to ship owners and their interests are available.

West Africa Inspection Services Ltd